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Music Maker Club

Registration closed. Check back for new class announcements in spring 2022!

Music Maker Club is the ultimate experience for ages 6-10

⬩Try every rock instrument ⬩Jam to your favorite tunes⬩Create and record music⬩No experience necessary

Apt 4 Music inspires young minds to make music!

Music Maker Club is a perfect opportunity to unleash your child's creative potential. This program combines instruments, music concepts, and modern technology in a unique and fun environment. Here's a peak at what a typical class session looks like:

At the start of each 45 minute class students learn about the inspirational music stories of past and present. This includes everything from quick looks at the most important performers in popular history to stories of brave artists overcoming challenges to inspire others.

Next, students get to jam drums, guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, singing, and more! Each week we highlight a different instrument, music concept, or music era to provide a well rounded experience. Whether a beginner or an experienced musician, everybody gets a fitting role to play while jamming out!

Lastly, students are guided through the basics of using modern production tools to create songs step-by-step. This includes recording, programming virtual instruments, and writing chords, melodies, and lyrics. Best of all, any of this knowledge can be used to make music at home! Let’s make music!

Music Camps

Apt 4 Music partners with other organizations to bring seasonal combo camps. More camps will be announced soon!

Uke Jam Club

Registration closed. Check back for new class announcements in spring 2022!

The Uke Jam Club is the most exciting way for ages 6-16 to have a blast!

⬩Make friends and play games ⬩Explore music and have fun⬩Be challenged to grow your skills⬩There’s a part for every age and skill level

Apt 4 Music knows how to make playing in a group rewarding and fun!

Uke Jam Club is an ukulele class designed around collaboration. Students that join this club are split into smaller groups depending on their age and skill level. This allows for enough individualized attention to help every student thrive. Utilizing Apt 4 Music’s unique Apt Color Level rewards program, students get to track and reward their progress.

Each class begins with a game to introduce new techniques, music concepts and material. Exploration through fun is the best way to grow!

Next, students get to dig into learning a tune, writing a song, or trading improvised solos. At Apt 4 Music, we listen to student input to help choose the materials students will enjoy most. We arrange every song to have multiple layers and parts that can be played together. Every skill level gets a role intended to challenge them at a pace they can handle. Whether they are picking up the uke for the first time or have been playing for years, everyone gets a new challenge!

Lastly, all small groups are brought together for a jam. In addition to the reward of hearing a piece come together, we often incorporate hand drums, singing, and other backing instruments to liven things up. Let’s jam!

Join a Teen Band

Joining a Band is the most rewarding experience for students ages 10-18 to show off their hard earned skills!

⬩Any style and instrument⬩Audition a couple songsRehearse with similar minded friendsGet the best gigs in town

Apt 4 Music knows how to link teens with common interests and playing skills into bands!

If your student is ready to show off their talent, schedule a free audition below. Help your student prepare two songs that best exemplify their skill and genres of interest. Any instrument is welcome to audition. At the audition, Apt 4 Music staff will listen to your student's ambitions, and begin coordinating with an existing band that can use their talent, or begin assembling a new one! Let's get the gig!