Apt 4 Music

Inspire Educate Empower Lead

Our Mission

Apt 4 Music’s mission is to create opportunity in the musical arts by making music accessible and achievable for anyone with an aptitude for it. It is our goal to transform communities globally through music centered programs, services, and education.

Our Core Values

Inspire - Apt 4 Music leads by creating opportunities to be exposed to the musical arts. Access to music performances, services, and programs inspires participation and allows people from all walks of life to visualize how participating in music can impact their life.

Educate - The inspired discover that learning can be both exciting and rewarding. Apt 4 Music instills acceptance, dedication, and consistency while showcasing the many pathways to success in the music community. No matter the barriers, Apt 4 Music motivates lifelong learning for all.

Empower - Those being educated in the music arts thrive when their effort is acknowledged and celebrated. To accomplish this, Apt 4 Music guides and empowers the enterprising aspects of life in the musical arts. By connecting a collective of students, enthusiasts, and experts, more opportunities arise to value music through the Apt 4 Music community.

Lead - Inspiration, education, and empowerment culminate in effective community leaders. Apt 4 Music fulfills its mission by imparting the desire to inspire others in those that have been led by inspiration. This cycle of lasting impact continually enriches the lives of others, and creates lasting positive transformation.

Apt 4 Music
2590 Truxtun Rd
Ste 100 (Bldg 176)
San Diego, CA 92106

Located in The Art's District in beautiful Liberty Station