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Apt 4 Music (Aptitude for Music) is a music instructional and production organization focused on providing individuals, families, organizations, and educators from all walks access to the musical arts and education, as well as community outreach and support programs, event productions, and more!!
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Meet the directors:

Rice Enright, CEOBass, Multi-Instrumentalist
Rice Enright is an accomplished music performer, educator, producer, and technician. A multi-award winning musician, Rice has also recently been accepted to San Diego State University’s prestigious Music Business Management and Entrepreneurial program after earning two degrees in Business and Music studies from Mesa College. Rice believes that beyond being a good artist, you must have a foundation of business principles to navigate the music world and ultimately make a living in the industry. He is now dedicating his experience to educating current and future musicians. His goal is to not only prepare them for the real world side of the industry, but change their perception of how a living is made within the industry. Rice also has over 20 years of operations and project management experience, including 7 years in life science laboratories. Utilizing this experience will be an integral part of modern day “Covid” business plan, as cleanliness and safety will be paramount. Beyond his skills and education, Rice is also a loving father who has raised two children in the Pt. Loma/Ocean Beach communities, and now is on a mission to give back to the community that has supported his family, by launching Apt 4 Music.
For more information on Rice's existing works, please visit: https://www.ricemusic.net/

David "DJ" Villegas, COOGuitar, Multi-Instrumentalist
DJ is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music educator. He has been performing and teaching in the San Diego area for nearly a decade. Educated in San Luis Obispo, he spent his formative teaching years developing music programs for nonprofit organizations. All the while, he became known on the open mic scene as a guitarist and played piano for several touring acts. He later brought his aptitude for quality music curriculum to Recreational Music Center in 2016. While collaborating with some of the most outstanding music teachers, he rose to the position of Lead Group and Band Instructor. Hundreds of students per week experienced stimulating group classes, experiences, performances, and field trips planned or taught by DJ. Additionally, he booked concerts for all of the best young performers in Point Loma. He is currently the Junior Stage Director for the Point Loma Summer Concert Series. Whether they be serious rock bands trying to launch their careers, retirees interested in picking up the ukulele, or elementary students on a field trip to learn about the orchestra for the first time, he has the skills and experience to make music exciting for everyone!

Kelly Strange, Instructor
Piano, Voice, Synths
Kelly Strange is an accomplished singer/songwriter, vocalist, and pianist. With over 30 years of professional vocal, piano, and synth experience. Kelly joins the Apt4Music team teaching all levels of vocals, piano/keyboards, and synth. Kelly began performing vocally with her dad’s touring jazz band at a very young age before starting to front her own rock bands in her teens. As a classically and jazz trained pianist, she has over 40 years of experience behind the keys. As a means of expanding her craft, Kelly began incorporating multiple keyboards and synthesizers into her live shows and songwriting and continues to perform professionally to this day. As one of the few front-women singing and playing multi-stack synth simultaneously, Kelly offers a unique perspective and talent set to students. When not performing, she’s a professional graphic artist and creative aficionado, Mom and wife to her favorite people, avid reader, world traveler, and former horse wrangler.

Zach Dugas, Intern
Guitar, Group Assistant, Guitar Setups

Zach is Apt 4 Music’s very first intern, and he comes to us through The Advocacy For Youth program. He is a big fan of rock and metal, as well as many other genres. In February of 2020, Zach performed with Jason Mraz for The Shine Event, and is currently performing in his band, Cosmic 93. Zach is being mentored to assist with private lessons, groups classes, and has worked hard to become our lead string changer and guitar cleaner.